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Leather Manufacturing


Bob Duncan – President
Bob has graciously provided over 2,000 pounds of scrap leather as well as industrial leather tools. This scrap is being turned into Bible covers, “daytimers”, and purses. Sewing machines have been donated to accelerate the manufacturing. Distribution and sales are currently being done through the mission groups and sponsoring churches.

Internet Café & Computer Training

Jeff Smith, Founder
Laptop computers which have been completely depreciated by Life Church and SensorLogic have been installed at a small building purchased to create an Internet Café. Additionally classes have been arranged to train the local people on the use of these computers. The internet café’ and the training classes are set up as a business utilizing both cash and barter coupons.
Wireless internet access was set up by Jeff from over 7 miles away.

Thrift Store


Rather than giving away donated clothes and other household items – the “Goodwill” concept was employed in a thrift store. This allows locals to work at the store for both barter coupons and cash and others to “purchase” goods using the same.

Stephen Jones, President of the Dallas Cowboys graciously donates hundreds of “seconds” which are constantly returned from retail outlets in the US and cannot be sold.

Medical & Dental

A Medical and Dental clinic have been set up by “Hope for Honduras” in the community. A small fee is charged for the services. Locals are employed to help provide these services.
Jeff has coordinated a container of medical supplies including an X-Ray machine and baby incubators – obsolete in the US – to be shipped to the facility. Additionally. A software provider was matched with the project to provide a patient management system.

Mission teams are coordinated to bring in medical professionals to help provide the services. One medical technician has committed to stay for a year while working remotely for a cancer treatment startup in the US. The matching of the software provider and the technician was coordinated by Jeff and TeachFish.

Electronics Repair & Power

Corlectro www.corelectro.com an electronics repair and installation company has been set up by coordinating with a national television and radio repair organizations National Electronics Service Dealers Association, and International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians. They have donated depreciated electronics equipment and books to help start this company. The company provides television and electronic equipment repair, UPS, and solar panel installation services.


The only two water supplies on Mogote are the collection from the rooftops to a cistern, or the fee based city water truck. Alternatively, a clean water supply is available for a small fee from the Center for Life and Hope. A “clean water” service is invaluable to the community.

Thanks to Noah Water Systems, a water filtration system has been installed and donations are being solicited for a water well. Eventually, this precious resource may be sold to nearby communities to continue to promote the eco-system by attracting cash through filtered water “export” to other communities. Another Mogote citizen employed and out of the mud.

Kitchen Training & Restaurant

Initially the feeding centers purpose was to provide the local children at least one good meal each day of rice and beans. Local ladies are employed to provide this service out of their homes with food provided by the World Health Organization.
In the USA, restaurant equipment is often discarded when a new restaurant concept replaces an old one. Guillermo Perales of GC Corporation, a very successful immigrant entrepreneur from Mexico, has several franchise operations in the United States. His organization has provided kitchen equipment which TeachFish has arranged to be delivered to Honduras to set up a Kitchen Facility in Mogote, this has expanded to a full fledge restaurant operation. The trained kitchen and restaurant personnel are readily employed by the local Manager of the Tegucigalpa Marriott.